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Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested for any criminal charge, you should speak with a qualified criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. You probably have many questions that can be answered by an attorney, such as:

  • Is it possible to have these charges reduced or dismissed?
  • Will I lose my job?
  • Are their ways to avoid potential jail time?
  • What is the legal fee to have everything handled for me?
  • What will happen at my court date?
  • What do I do next?


Your Future is Our Business

As an long standing Albuquerque attorney and counselor, our Law Office has had a trial focus in criminal law since 2006. As a former prosecutor for the State of New Mexico, we understand the criminal justice process and what the State requires to prove their case. Our office is available to answer questions of persons facing criminal charges of all types in the greater Albuquerque area.